Dedicated Servers

Dedicated Servers

Are you looking for dedicated servers for your email marketing or other purposes?

You come to the right place as most DC centre dont provide servers for email marketing campaigns due to spam issues.

We own our Data Centre based in America, and have great expertise to deal with any spam complaints so that we can provide best dedicated servers to suit our customers' needs for their Internet businesses.

All our dedicated servers come with CLEAN IP addresses which can be used for email marketing, and all IPs can be swapped or delisted each month. This is the greatest feature we have compared to other dedicated servers provided by other data centres on the Internet at present.

Our dedicated server start at as little as $230 a month for 16GB RAM with 16 IPs extra. Please find some of our price plans listed below. If you cannot still find the one which suits your needs, please contact us for further discussions.

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